Decades of war, terrorism and displacement have levied a terrible price on ordinary families in Iraq, leaving millions of families destroyed and children orphaned.  In spring 2019, Beyond Conflict agreed to work with the internationally respected British Iraqi charity, the Al Khoei Foundation through its subsidiary the Al Kawthar widows and orphans charity. The Al Khoei Foundation is led by Yousif Al-Khoei OBE who has been a leader in Middle Eastern humanitarian work for several decades. Maha Rida MBE runs Al Kawthar, which has helped thousands of women and children across Iraq.

Together with Professor Mohammed Al Uzri of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, an expert in conflict trauma counselling,  Beyond Conflict and Al Kawthar have designed a training programme which will be delivered in Najaf, Southern Iraq once the pandemic restrictions have lifted. Four of Iraq’s largest charities have signed up to take part in the first BC/Al Kawthar mental health training project.

The Iraq project aims to help frontline workers from 4 of Iraq’s largest charities deliver mental health training and support.  These frontline workers will then be equipped to support themselves as well as help the women and children under their care. Many of their clients suffer from PTSD, trauma and depression after witnessing terrible atrocities in the Iraq wars and under territories that were briefly controlled by Islamic State.

Once the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions are lifted and conditions are safe, BC and Al Kawthar will begin this training, in Najaf. For now, work is paused.

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