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Beyond Conflict is the mental health charity for conflict zones. Our mission is to tackle the psychological suffering of victims of war, terrorism and displacement. We believe there can be no lasting peace without addressing the psychological fallout of war. Right now we are supporting work in three countries: Ukraine, Bangladesh and Iraq.

Working with respected local partners, we deliver free mental support to civilians and NGO frontline workers; training for frontline workers on how to identify and treat trauma. In partnership with some of the world’s top experts, Beyond Conflict is working to boost mental health support from the ground up, using remote and face-to-face training. In Ukraine, we are supporting those frontline NGOs offering refugees mental health and other aid.

War, displacement and terrorism have wreaked grave damage on the mental health of millions. Survivors continue to suffer from depression & PTSD long after a ceasefire. The worst hit are children, whose trauma can reverberate down the years. 

Ukraine: In February 2022, BC began support for Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion and war on their country. With the unfolding crisis expected to lead to millions of refugees, BC donated to frontline NGOs in bordering Poland who are offering psychological as well as humanitarian aid. Children, women and vulnerable elderly people are suffering trauma, PTSD and unimaginable mental pressures after loss of homes and families.

Bangladesh: In October 2020 in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp In Bangladesh, BC started work with our local partner Global Development Consortium (GDC). The project helps some of the 1 million plus Rohingya refugees who fled the 2017 Myanmar military-led genocide. Our joint project delivered: free mental health support to frontline workers from 7 local NGOs in the camp; set up an emergency telephone support hotline and a referral pathway to enable frontline workers and refugees to access free psychiatric support in the camp. Those NGO workers support refugees inside the camp and are now being equipped to provide basic mental health support. Phase 2 is planned next.

Iraq: Our third priority is in Najaf, Iraq. At Christmas 2021, BC financially supported our Iraqi partner Al Kawthar, the widows and orphans charity, to provide a series of mental wellness workshops for 60 widows and their families, as well as some help for orphans under the NGO’s care.  Al Kawthar is part of the respected international Al-Khoei Foundation. Next, BC and Al Kawthar aim to deliver mental health training to frontline workers from some of Iraq’s largest charities. 

Ukraine Appeal

Please support Beyond Conflict’s Ukraine Appeal to deliver mental health support to refugees fleeing the war. The United Nations says 10 million people have been made refugees by Russia’s invasion and war in Ukraine. Every second, one Ukrainian child is made a refugee (UN). The toll on Ukrainians’ mental health is on an unimaginable scale. Beyond Conflict believes addressing the psychological impact of war and displacement is urgent and necessary. Please read our blog on Ukraine: “The Price of Courage: Ukraine’s unfolding mental health crisis”.

We have already financially supported frontline aid agencies in Poland offering psychological support as part of their aid package. We are connecting aid agencies with pro-bono British psychiatrists who can offer assistance.We now want to raise more funds for frontline agencies. You can help by donating to Beyond Conflict below. We are a voluntary charity so 100% of your money goes to the cause. Thank you for your help. 

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You can help by donating to Beyond Conflict, we are a voluntary charity so 100% of your money goes to the cause. Thank you for your help. 

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Rohingya Refugee

Beyond Conflict publishes the results of Phase 1 of our Rohingya Refugee Project and sets out the Road Map for Phase 2.  Please help us raise money to do more.





Listen to our podcast series, starting with an interview with our Founding Ambassador, Terry Waite CBE.


“Beyond Conflict is providing much needed mental health support to those working with refugees. Our thanks go to our supporters who are making this work possible.”

Terry Waite CBE

Beyond Conflict Blog

Heal Minds, Change Lives, Restore Hope,
by Edna Fernandes, Co-Founder




What People are Saying

“Sometimes clients get terrified explaining the incidents that happen to them. They are mentally traumatised as some saw their mother, their father, brother, sister, babies getting murdered in front
of them.”

(A Cox’s Bazar frontline trainee on the trauma they witnessed in the camp.)

“This is a lifeline. It saves lives. It saved my life.”

Mr M, a frontline worker trainee on the Beyond Conflict/GDC Rohingya Refugee Project

“It’s great training. From the beginning i have learned the process of counselling, steps of mobilisation and treatment. We have increased our knowledge on identification, care giving process and counselling and developed session plans for the individuals. We also have improved our passion for the ill or sick people.”

Project Trainee


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Our latest work focuses on some of the most exploited areas of the world, come and take a look at our reports that touch upon what’s happening in these areas and how we are helping the people most in need.

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