Our Mission

Our mission is to tackle the unseen psychological suffering of victims of war, terrorism and displacement. While many governments and NGOs are committed to easing the physical impact of conflict on civilians, there’s an urgent need to tackle the psychological damage. Beyond Conflict believes there can be no lasting peace and economic rehabilitation without addressing the psychological fallout of war.

Working with local partners, we offer free mental support to civilians and provide training for frontline workers in situ on how to identify and treat trauma.

Decades of war, oppression, sanctions, violence and terrorism have wreaked grave damage on the mental health of millions of civilians. Victims of war continue to suffer from depression & PTSD even after a ceasefire and the worst affected are children. Beyond Conflict’s first project is with our Iraqi partner, the Al Kawthar widows and orphans charity. Al Kawthar is part of the respected international Al Khoei Foundation.
In partnership with some of the world’s top trauma counselling experts from the Royal College of Psychiatrists in London, Beyond Conflict aim to boost mental health support from the ground up.

Together, we believe we can conquer the unseen suffering in post- conflict zones

Registered Charity Number: 1176499