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The mental health charity for conflict zones

Our Mission

Beyond Conflict’s mission is to tackle the unseen psychological suffering of victims of war and displacement. While many governments and NGOs are committed to easing the physical impact of conflict on civilians, there is an urgent need to address the severe psychological damage. We intend to offer free remote counselling by trained therapists to people in refugee camps and build up long term capacity by training therapists in situ, starting with Iraq.

Decades of war, oppression, sanctions, violence and terrorism have wreaked grave damage on the mental health of millions of refugees in Iraq. The vast majority of Iraqi people are severely distressed, suffering from depression & PTSD. At least 12 million Iraqi and Syrian civilians were displaced as a result of the war against Islamic State. Many are children or young people who were exposed to torture, rape, execution and the brutal ideology of ISIS. Beyond Conflict believes there can be no lasting peace, economic rehabilitation and defeat of this ideology without addressing the psychological fallout. At present, there is no organisation on the ground to address the most severe levels of acute trauma of these people. So Beyond Conflict is asking for your help.

Together, we believe we can conquer the unseen mental health crisis in conflict zones like Iraq. 

Registered Charity Number: 1176499