November 2023

Beyond Conflict announces “Child of War Exhibition 2024”

Beyond Conflict (BC) is proud to announce the Beyond Conflict Child of War Exhibition curated by award winning artist Arabella Dorman, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London.

The mental health charity for victims of war was founded in 2018 in response to hearing first hand stories about the mental health impact of war on children and young people. In this month of Remembrance for those who died in World War I and II, we announce that the first Beyond Conflict Child of War exhibition will premiere on 22 May 2024 at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Mayfair.

This landmark Exhibition is a response to all children impacted by all wars.

It is also a reflection of decades of work in this area by our artist as well as a visit to Ukraine in 2023 by Dorman and BC Co-Founder/Director Edna Fernandes. It showcases powerful new work by Dorman, as well as featuring drawings and words from children across the UK and Ukraine on the mental health impact of war. It will feature artefacts from a school that was bombed by Russians in Kyiv – a first in the UK.  Also featured is moving and powerful artwork by children in Kyiv who have undertaken Indian mandala art therapy to overcome trauma.

We are proud also to be collaborating with the UK’s War Through Children’s Eyes (WTCE) competition that draws entries from hundreds of British schoolchildren.  See more about this incredible competition on the link below. The WTCE competition was launched by the UK Azerbaijani Community as a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Khojaly massacre that took place on February 26th 1992.

The Beyond Conflict Child of War Exhibition will feature winning works in both art and essay writing from WTCE, depicting wars from across the world: including Ukraine, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, the Khojaly massacre and more.

Dorman said:

It is always the children who are the first victims in war. The vulnerable ones who stand exposed on the frontline. Silent witnesses, defenceless in the face of mankind’s brutality. And yet, as humans our common bond is love, above all, our love for our children. How can we turn our backs to the suffering of another’s child? The children of today are the future of tomorrow. Everyday, their cries of anguish go unheeded, their inaudible pleas, unheard. These are voices that are calling out into our current darkness, calling out in pain, for peace; voices that, for the sake of humanity alone, must be listened to and most urgently acted upon.”

BC Director Fernandes said:

“This exhibition will bear witness to the silenced voices of the innocents. War destroys countries but importantly, by destroying communities, families and children, it destroys our future. The damage to a child’s mental health reverberates long after the bombs have fallen silent. It will echo through generations unless we as a society confront it. We believe as a charity there can be no lasting peace unless the psychological fallout of war is addressed. This is why we want Child of War to start a national conversation on the impact of war on children and their futures.”


WTCE Founder Narmina Mamedova said:

“I decided to do more to give a voice to the voiceless children around the world. On the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Khojaly massacre in Azerbaijan, I organised the first competition for children in the UK to raise awareness and give them a platform through art and writing.”


The Child of War Exhibition will tour across the UK, engaging children and adults in schools, places of worship and secular venues with the aim of raising awareness about the mental health impact of war on children and raising funds to help those affected. Monies raised for Beyond Conflict will go to our projects.


In Ukraine: BC once again will support the Ukrainian Welcome Centre in London, which helps thousands of refugees. Also, we aim to start a new project supporting a PTSD centre in Kyiv that provides mental health support for kids.

In Bangladesh: We hope to help raise funds for the next phase of our project for Rohingya refugees who fled the 2017 genocide in Myanmar and now live in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp, where 50% of the residents are children.

In Iraq: We plan to continue supporting orphans and widows in southern Iraq via our partner that runs mental health workshops.

In Gaza and Israel: We plan to start two new projects, one each in Gaza and Israel to support families impacted by the current conflict in the region. We hope to announce details very soon.

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