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Beyond Conflict’s trustees, management and board of advisors includes many leading figures in their respective field, each bringing expertise and contacts to support people in war-zones suffering from the psychological fallout of conflict, displacement and terrorism. Our team comprises of people from the Middle East, Europe and America. Beyond Conflict’s ethos is one that embraces people of all cultures and faiths, it is a meeting of East and West.

Board of trustees:

Edmund Newell, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Ed is Principal of Cumberland Lodge, the educational foundation that seeks to build more inclusive societies in Britain and globally by leading a dialogue on the biggest issues facing the world today, including freedom of religious belief and expression, international security and inter-faith dialogue. He is former Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral and Sub-Dean of Christ
Church, Oxford.

Edna Fernandes

Edna Fernandes, Co-Founder

Edna is the Co-Founder of Beyond Conflict and author of the best-selling book Holy Warriors, a study of religious fundamentalism across four faiths. She is the author of The Last Jews of Kerala, a Sunday Times Travel Book of the Year, and The Hollow Kingdom, which examines Islamic State and the cult of jihad. Edna has worked as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times, Reuters and the Mail on Sunday and been a commentator on the roots of religious extremism since 2005..

John Tress

John is a chartered accountant by training, John advises on the design and management of international development funds. He has established, advised or partnered with a number of not-for-profit organisations over the course of almost 10 years in the international development sector, working with US Aid. John is  Director of International Development at PwC

Gillian Dare OBE

Gillian is a retired diplomat, with nearly 20 years in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Throughout her Foreign Office career, she has specialised in political and security policies in conflict-affected and fragile counties, focusing on conflict resolution, peace building, governance, rule of law and building stability. Her most recent role was as the lead FCO Senior Policy Officer for Women, Peace and Security. She has been awarded an OBE and the Cross of St Augustine by the Archbishop of Canterbury for her work.

Dr Kishan Manocha

Kishan is Head, Tolerance and Non-Discrimination at the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. He has extensive experience dealing with religious freedom issues around the world and is a former Visiting Research Fellow at the Carr Centre for Human Rights at Harvard University and Fellow of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies.

Dr Abda Mahmood

Abda is a Lead Epidemiologist at the international human data science company, IQVIA. She completed her PhD in Epidemiology and Population Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Prior to her PhD, Abda worked as an academic researcher at the University of Oxford, completed the MSc in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford, and was awarded a First Class Honours BSc in Applied Psychology at the University of Durham. 

Operational Team:

Edna Fernandes, Director/Co-Founder

Edna is the Co-Founder of Beyond Conflict and Director of its operations, dealing with overseas partners, projects and liaising with our team advisors. She is a former foreign correspondent who has worked for the Financial Times, Reuters and Mail on Sunday. She is author of bestselling Holy Warriors, The Last Jews of Kerala and The Hollow Kingdom. In the past, she was a volunteer on the management comimittee of the girls’ education charity, PAWA.

Golam Abbas, Advisor and
Partner on Bangladesh Project

Golam Abbas is Director of Global Development Consortium (GDC), BC’s partner on the ground in Bangladesh for the Rohingya Refugee project. He is a former UNHCR Country Director and has four decades of experience at UNHCR, in the field of global humanitarian work. He works alongside British Bangladeshi psychiatrist, Dr Abu Hussain Mohammad Saleh, GDC’s mental health consultant and a leading expert in trauma counselling.

Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri
Senior Advisor on Iraq and Mental Health

Mohammed is the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Presidential Lead for International Affairs and a 2020 recipient of the RCP Presidential medal of honor. Mohammed was Advisor on the Iraq Mental Health Survey, the first of its kind conducted by WHO and Iraqi authorities. He is Honorary Chair at the University of Leicester, Consultant Psychiatrist and Assistant Medical Director at the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Dawn Chamarette, Head of Communications

Dawn is a communications specialist with more than 30 years in journalism and PR in the charity, education, non-profit and private sectors, including mental health charities, professional membership organizations and government bodies.

She has managed the communications aspects of campaigns to raise awareness of critical mental health issues, and has contributed to vital fund-raising strategies. The Samaritans, Royal College of Surgeons of England, and King’s College London are among the most recent bodies with whom Dawn has worked.

Robert Craig, Legal Counsel

Robert is a charity law specialist and consultant at Howard Kennedy, a leading law firm in London. Robert is a member of the Charity Law Association. While chairman of the trustees of one of London’s independent museums, Robert oversaw a major development project in the period 2005-10. He is now Vice President of the museum and trustee of a number of other charities.

Luke Tomkins, Treasurer

Luke is a chartered accountant and spent the first four and a half years of his career as a member of the structured finance group at PwC. Currently Luke works in financial planning and analysis at McDonalds UK&I, providing strategic insight into the future financial performance of the company.

Kimberley Ellis, Friends of Beyond Conflict Campaign Head

Kimberley is the head of our new Friends of Beyond Conflict (FoBC) Campaign to recruit regular donors. She has utilised her theatre education to coordinate cultural change projects: at her local university Kim worked to address issues of hate crime, online harassment and prejudice among students. The projects sought to provide those affected with specialist support and guidance in the aftermath of incidents. She aims to launch our FoBC campaign with events designed to engage new supporters.

Dr Sheikh Ramzy, Advisor

Born in the Middle East, Sheikh Ramzy has lived in Oxford for more than 30 years and is the founder of the Oxford Islamic Information Centre. He works with the Muslim Council of Britain to promote better understanding if Islam. He is Ambassador of the Universal Peace Foundation and a member of the United Nations Association UK. Dr Sheikh Ramzy is an Islamic scholar and a campaigner on humanitarian affairs.

Yang-May Ooi, Podcaster

Yang-May Ooi is a bestselling author who has been blogging for over 10 years. Her cross-cultural blog Fusion View gained 10,000 unique views a month and was featured on the BBC. She is the co-author of the social media chapters of International Communications Strategy, published by Kogan Page and nominated for the FT Goldman Sachs Business Book Award. She currently runs Tiger Spirit, a multi-media blog on creativity. Www.TigerSpirit.co.uk

Patti McCarthy, Fundraising Advisor

Patti has more than 10 years of experience working in corporate sponsorship, including for Melbourne Theatre Company & Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  She assessed proposals on behalf of potential corporate sponsors, designed and implemented fund-raising strategies, including developing corporate partnerships, setting up private giving programs and securing grant funding.   In Melbourne, she was a volunteer English teacher to asylum seekers for 5 years. Currently she provides pro-bono fundraising consulting to Oxford Playhouse in the UK. 

Jaipreet Kaur, Volunteer

Jaipreet is a philanthropy manager and fundraiser who has spent the last eight years working in the NGO sector. She is a Trustee at Binti International and she’s worked at NGOs such as Emergency UK, U.S. Human Rights Network,UNITED SIKHS, Action for Children and Medical Aid for Palestinians. Jaipreet’s unique funding style and success has helped her to share her experience with others at numerous charity conferences.

She has a strong passion for helping others, while also advocating and campaigning for change. Jaipreet has experience in meeting children and women in Palestine and Lebanon who have been mentally impacted by the atrocities of war.


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