Our vision, Mission and values

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world where every survivor of war, terrorism and displacement can access free mental health support.

Our Mission

Our objective is to:

  • Focus on conflict zones with an urgent need for mental health support for civilians and frontline workers.
  • Target projects that are sustainable and can be scaled up to deliver measurable impact to communities and individuals.
  • Build quality partnerships with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), providing training, support and funding where needed.
  • Prioritise the most vulnerable civilians, including women and children.
  • Advocate the need for mental health support for civilians in war zones and conflict scenarios and work to break down barriers to mental health access.

Our values

  • We believe the mental health of every person matters.
  • We treat everyone with equal respect, regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or any other factor.
  • We do not tolerate hate speech or other forms of abuse by anyone with whom we work.
  • We believe that safeguarding vulnerable individuals is of the utmost importance.
  • We believe there can be no enduring peace unless the psychological impact of war and displacement is addressed.
  • We believe that by training frontline workers in small NGOs on the ground we can facilitate and help scale up mental health support for the future.
  • We believe that supporting the mental health of survivors and frontline¬†workers provides the most impact on the whole community.
  • We apply the highest standards of transparency, governance and stewardship over the management of our funds.
  • We work with partners with excellent track records of delivering a sustainable impact and share the highest standards of governance.
  • We are committed to building equity, fairness, diversity and inclusion into all aspects of our policies and work.
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