Children celebrate their art work for War Through Children's Eyes

June 2024

Children celebrate their art work for War Through Children’s Eyes

Children from across the UK came to London on June 8 2024 to view their work at the Child of War Exhibition, curated by Arabella Dorman, in aid of Beyond Conflict and the Ukrainian Welcome Centre, which showcases the artwork and words of hundreds of kids. All the children’s work came to us via War Through Children’s Eyes, the competition set up by Narmina Mammadova in 2022.  WTCE, the UWC and Beyond Conflict welcomed the children and their parents with orange squash, sweets and snacks as we celebrated their work. The photos here are taken by the art photographer Jonathan Milton. The WTCE book is now available for sale. Please contact the WTCE website for details.

Click the photo below to see more event highlights:

Mammadova said: 

“This initiative aims to raise awareness of the impact of wars and violent conflicts on communities worldwide, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable members of these communities: children. The competition was organised for the very first time, by the Azerbaijani Community in the United Kingdom, in 2022 as a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Khojaly massacre that took place on the night of February 26th, 1992 in Azerbaijan, claiming the lives of 613 civilians, including 106 women and 63 children.” 

Edna Fernandes, BC Director/Co-Founder, will be on the judging panel for the 2024 competition.

“Beyond Conflict is proud to support this competition and its astonishing work. The children’s artwork shows courage and insight and was a highlight for many of the hundreds of people who attended the Exhibition. Congratulations to all the children who took part.”

Child of War closed on 8 June 2024 after being viewed by hundreds of people from across the UK. We hope to announce further venues soon. Beyond Conflict would like to thank the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, Ukrainian Welcome Centre, Arabella Dorman, the curating artist and BC Ambassador, WTCE and Andriy Gonchar of Expo Success for his superb installation of the exhibition.

(With thanks to photographer Jonathan Milton for some of his images of the artwork and events)
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