John Lennon donates rare "Give Peace a Chance" record to BC

December 2023

John Lennon donates rare “Give Peace a Chance” record to BC

Here is an early Christmas gift! The John Lennon estate has donated a rare and limited edition 12 inch acetate recording of  Give Peace a Chance to Beyond Conflict. Just 50 charities were chosen around the world and we are one of them!

This is what the John Lennon estate had this to say about the record:

Recorded on 1 June and first released as a single on 4 July 1969, ‘Give Peace A Chance’ is an anti-war song – written by John Lennon & Yoko Ono and recorded with a small group of individuals during their Montreal Bed-In for Peace – that rapidly became the anthem of the anti-war and counterculture movements worldwide, notably sung by half a million demonstrators led by Pete Seeger on Vietnam Moratorium Day in Washington, D.C. on 15 November 1969, and continues to be played on the radio and sung at protests and marches all over the world to promote peace and non-violence.

John Lennon:
“I was pleased when the movement took up ‘Give Peace A Chance’ because I had written it with that in mind. I felt an obligation even then to write a song that people would sing in the pub, or on a demonstration. I remember hearing them all sing it – it was a very big moment for me. That’s what the song was about.”
Here is the message to BC from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s son, Sean Ono Lennon :
‘Happy Holidays. To raise the spirit of Peace and Love this December, here is one of only fifty Limited Edition acetates that have been hand-cut at Abbey Road. It’s yours – to sell, auction, raise money to help your charity or to fund your Xmas party – to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE and REMEMBER LOVE.We’d like to follow the journey these acetates take and the goodwill that they spread – please use the hashtag #GivePeaceAChance and we’ll re-tweet and share their progress on social media to help promote the good causes and good vibes.’

BC Director and Co-Founder said:

“Thank you John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Sean Ono Lennon. This message of peace resonates with the world right now. Especially as many celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. BC plans to announce an event in the New Year to honour and auction this very special recording.”

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