Beyond Conflict supports project in southern Israel

Feburary 2024

Beyond Conflict supports project in southern Israel

Beyond Conflict is proud to announce a new project in southern Israel, helping young people affected by the October 2023 Hamas attack. We are supporting the work of our partner, the United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA).

Our support for this urgent work is in direct response to the escalating crisis. It is possible thanks to a major donation to Beyond Conflict by the London Stock Exchange Group Foundation, which we are grateful for.

Events since October 2023 have led to death, destruction and trauma. As always, it is children and young people who suffer the most. Thanks to our donor LSEG, Beyond Conflict will be supporting UJIA in providing urgent and necessary MHPSS.

Simultaneously, we add our voice to the global calls for a permanent ceasefire and for peace talks to begin.

“We’re here to help those in urgent need of mental health care in places of conflict. We also know that war trauma impacts across generations and can cause violence to spiral. Addressing mental health issues is therefore important for long-term peace building,” said BC Chairman Edmund Newell.

The mental health impact of heart-breaking events in Gaza and Israel will echo for generations. In this time of suffering and uncertainty in the world, the need for mental health support  for civilians in war zones has never been more urgent. For this reason, we are proud to support the work of UJIA,” said Edna Fernandes, Executive Director and Co-Founder of BC.

“Regardless of your personal views on conflicts around the world, the undeniable truth is wherever there is conflict, innocent people’s lives are turned upside down. BC believes mental health support is essential for those affected to make sense of their pain and rebuild their lives,” said Luke Tomkins, BC Financial Trustee.

UJIA’s  Healing Space Project

Beyond Conflict will be backing UJIA’s Trauma Support Healing Space for survivors of the Hamas attack on the Nova music festival in October 2023 and those families directly impacted by the resulting hostage crisis.

This trauma programme was launched by volunteer therapists and psychologists, who provide a mix of talking therapy, as well other forms of support including music, nature and art therapies. There are two operational sites in Rishpon and Eilat.  So far this project has helped thousands of young people and it hopes to extend out further.

Mandie Winston, Chief Executive of UJIA, said:

“Thank you. We are very grateful for your support for our trauma relief work.”  UJIA is one of the largest and most respected Jewish NGOs working in Israel.

Beyond Conflict thanks UJIA for its incredible work. We hope to report back later in the year. If you wish to support us, please make a donation on our Donate Page. Thank you.



The Beyond Conflict Team

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