Christmas 2021 Iraq Mental Health Project

London’s Trinity School raises money for Iraqi kids

Beyond Conflict is delighted to announce we will be jointly funding a project in Iraq this Christmas/New Year with our partner Al Kawthar, which is part of the Al Khoei Foundation. As you know, we’ve had a few delays in Iraq over the years due to security issues and the pandemic. But this Christmas Al Kawthar, aided by BC funding, will run a two week project in the cities of Najaf and Karbala under the Canadian Iraqi psychotherapist Berak Hussain, also known online as “The Muslim Counsellor”.

Helping women and kids who are victims of war and displacement

AK and Berak have already run two successful training projects in 2021 and BC will now support them this Christmas. Berak is working pro bono this holiday season, training frontline workers on mental health issues and also offering separate family wellness circles for widows and orphans. The joint project between Al Kawthar, Berak and BC will begin in Najaf on Christmas Day, helping 60 widows and their families deal with their mental health issues through a three-day family wellness workshop with counselling therapy, meals and practical assistance. The December21/Jan22 project will also focus on training Al Kawthar frontline staff on how to address with the mental health problems facing the thousands of clients they serve in Iraq. That training is in the Iraqi cities of Najaf and Karbala.

“What a wonderful way to mark the end of 2021. We are honoured to be able to support Berak and Al Kawthar in the Christmas 2021 Iraq Project. This project directly assists women and kids who have been victims of war and displacement. On behalf of BC, thank you Berak for your dedication to the women and children of Iraq this Christmas,” said Edna Fernandes, Director of Beyond Conflict.

Trinity School, London helps Iraqi kids this Christmas

The funding from BC included a generous donation from the children of Trinity School, London. The Trinity money will go towards the family wellness circles this Christmas and clothes, blankets and books for the orphans. Trinity’s headmaster, Alasdair Kennedy, said: “I am delighted that our students have chances to engage with BC and hear about the experience of the children of Iraq.  We are glad to support you.”

Trinity pupils also sent cards to the Iraqi children and the Iraqi children are planning to send back their own messages. After another challenging year for everyone, it is heartening to see children connect with one another across the world this Christmas. 

Thank you to Trinity and all our supporters in 2021 who have made this project possible.