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From The Beyond Conflict Team

In 2023 we mark our 5th anniversary. In five years, with our partners on the ground we’ve established mental health support projects for Ukraine, Iraq and the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. None of it would be possible without you – our donors. Now we’d like to ask for your help with a new campaign.


We’re launching a fundraising campaign called Mothers4Mothers to raise £30,000 to expand our work.  This money will be used to help women and vulnerable children in our three projects in Bangladesh, Ukraine and Iraq. We’d like to reach out to women’s groups everywhere. We’re asking schools to get involved in a cause that’s aimed at supporting mothers and kids in refugee communities. We’re inviting mums, aunties, grandmothers and their families to take part. Inspirational women in business, please give us your support for this important cause.

“Support us if you’re a mother yourself or in honour of your own mum. This project is about empowering mums and kids in refugee communities who need mental health support to overcome the past and look to the future,” said BC Director and Founder Edna Fernandes.

Mothers4Mothers is our call to action for 2023. Here’s how we’d like to spend the money:

Bangladesh: Introduce new monthly community support groups for single mothers and babies in the Rohingya refugee camp to provide mental health support and practical aid; roll out another mental health training programme for frontline workers serving the Rohingya refugees. This builds on the work we began in 2021 with our partner GDC, led by Golam Abbas, a former UNHCR Director.

Ukraine: We are working to raise more funds for mental health support for the Ukrainian Cathedral’s Welcome Centre in London that has helped thousands of refugees who fled the war. This follows our joint Armistice Day concert at the Ukrainian Cathedral in 2022. We also plan to announce another major event for Ukraine this autumn.

Iraq: Fund another mental health mission to southern Iraq in 2023 in collaboration with our partners Al Kawthar, part of the respected international humanitarian charity Al Khoei Foundation, as well as the Canadian psychotherapist Berak Hussein, known as The Muslim Counsellor.This follows on from the first mental health workshops under Al Kawthar and Hussein in 2021.

Please support us. Thank you.

Choose your own way to raise money and donate on our website or send a cheque to Beyond Conflict, c/o our Legal Counsel Robert Craig at:
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BC is supporting reputable NGOs on the Ukraine border who are providing  mental health assistance and aid to Ukrainian refugees. Please help by donating to Beyond Conflict here. We are a voluntary charity and 100% of your money will go to help those in need.


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