Beyond Conflict: Statement on Ukraine Crisis, Appeal for Help

December 2023

First Music Therapy Project A Success, London’s Barbican Centre Supports  our Work

Beyond Conflict has successfully completed its first Music Therapy project for the Ukrainian Welcome Centre (UWC) in London. Today we publish the Impact Report which you can read in full here.

The London Barbican Centre showed its support for our work by donating thousands of pounds worth of free tickets to Christmas shows for the people who took part in the classes. The Barbican has donated complimentary tickets to Candlelit Carols as well as free entry to the Conservatory exhibition which currently features an installation from Indian artist Ranjani Shettar. Thank you Barbican! 

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March 2022

Beyond Conflict: Statement on Ukraine Crisis, Appeal for Help

Beyond Conflict, the UK mental health charity for those afflicted by war, terrorism and displacement, stands by the Ukrainian people and condemns the war and humanitarian crisis unleashed by Russian military action in recent days.

Our prayers and good wishes are with the people of Ukraine – for those hundreds of thousands of children, women and elderly who have lost their homes and are refugees in neighbouring countries. We also send prayers and support to those who stayed behind to bravely defend their country. May God be with them.

The events of the last few days have left many innocent dead and millions of Ukrainian civilians devastated and traumatised. The impact of this brutal and unjust war has only just begun, with the European Commission predicting that 7 million refugees will be displaced as a result, making this the largest and most urgent humanitarian disaster.

Terry Waite CBE, BC’s Founding Ambassador, said: “As the world witnesses the terrible events taking place in Ukraine my mind goes back to Bosnia and the conflict that raged in that region some years ago. I met a young boy. He was totally traumatised, so much so that he could not speak. I learned that he had hidden under a table when soldiers entered his home and killed every other member of his family. The toll taken on the mental health of innocent civilians in warfare is enormous and we in Beyond Conflict want to play our part in supporting those in Ukraine who are attempting to care for the most vulnerable in the most difficult of circumstances. Will you please help us?”

Beyond Conflict believes addressing the psychological impact of war and displacement is urgent and necessary to support ordinary Ukrainians as they endure trauma, PTSD and unimaginable mental pressures. This particularly applies to children. While the world prays for peace and a ceasefire, we ask you to help if you can.

Thank you

The Beyond Conflict Team

For more information please contact BC Director, Edna Fernandes on
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BC is supporting reputable NGOs on the Ukraine border who are providing  mental health assistance and aid to Ukrainian refugees. Please help by donating to Beyond Conflict here. We are a voluntary charity and 100% of your money will go to help those in need.


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