Our Impact

multicultural, multi-faith collaboration

Our projects

Provide psychological therapies for traumatised people in conflict zones.¬† We have a database of qualified therapists who are based in the UK and around the world who ¬†will provide remote free counselling sessions to refugees in conflict zones, starting with Iraq. The project is delivered in collaboration with NGOs and mental health services in Iraq to fill the immediate gap in psychological services. If people are not helped in the path to recovery from their trauma — whether from war, displacement or exposure to ISIS ideology — we believe there can be no lasting peace and stability in the region.

One day, we hope Beyond Conflict will be able to offer our services beyond Iraq, to other countries in the region and world that require acute mental health support for refugees living amidst or fleeing war. Our aim is to help vulnerable refugees wherever there is need.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) research,  based on the prevalence of anxiety and depression in Iraq,  there is a need for over 8000 therapists to provide the minimum therapy sessions required. Currently Iraq has no training programmes or services for such therapies