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“The Rohingya crisis is one of the gravest in modern history. Covid 19 has made that mental health crisis more acute. This project aims to alleviate some of that pressure,”

Edna Fernandes, Beyond Conflict.

Terry Waite, Beyond Conflict’s Founding Ambassador, has recorded this special message asking for your support for the charity and its work. Thanks Terry.
Unicef Ambassador, former MP and ex-BBC war correspondent Martin Bell had this message of support for Beyond Conflict’s work while speaking at our fundraising dinner at Cumberland Lodge, over the summe

While many governments and NGOs are committed to easing the physical impact of conflict on civilians, there is an urgent need to address the severe psychological damage..

We would also like to thank Dr David Staples, CEO of the Grand Lodge of England, and Peter Lowndes, Pro Grand Master, for the donation to Beyond Conflict from the Untied Grand Lodge of England. The monies raised tonight will help fund our first project in Iraq.

Unfortunately, comments like ‘Why bother, they will grow out of it’, or ‘They are children and children are resilient’ are still common, especially among adults who have no concept of what living in a war zone actually means.

WHO recognises mental health as one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. There is still no single NGO committed to doing just this work on post conflict zones. Beyond Conflict wishes to change this.

Registered Charity Number: 1176499